We would like to thank the following people:

- George Woltman for all his work on GIMPS (which is a great source of inspiration)
- Parkin, Lander and Selfridge for being the first to explore these equations
- Bob Scher for encouragement and great documentations
- Achim Flammenkamp for patiently verifying the mathematical details
- Edward Brisse for his ideas and support
- Eric Bainville for the betatesting and his great ideas
- Nuuti Kuosa for his constant emulation
- Patrick Fossano and Micha Fleuren for constantly exploring new powers
- Randy Ekl for setting such great new lower bounds
- Rikos Sakellariou for his suggestions
- Warut Roonguthai for his support
- Mark Dodrill and Luigi Morelli for finding new low terms equations
- Greg Childers for his continual help since the EulerNet setup, and also for SumBKZ !
- Torbjörn Alm for maintaining high powers database
- Scott I. Chase for improving a lot of equations with his own approach
- Giovanni Resta for his wonderful articles
- Chen Shuwen for the informations
- Laurent Lucas for always trying to search for new extensions
- Fumitaka Yura for his clever ideas on improving SumBKZ

And all the following people for their participation:
Caspar Addyman, Arlindo Fragoso, Brandon Galbraith, Fred, Gipe, John Dilick, Karl Ove Hufthammer, Larry Hays, Michel ten Voorde, Mike Cornell, Norman Ho, Kevin O'Hare, Phillip Eberz, Sturle Stunde, Thomas Noekleby, Thomas Pönisch

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