If you search for inexpensive software, here is my recommended list (I use these tools very frequently !).
Also, if know a cool freeware that is not in this list (for example, a good disk cataloger or a good download manager), please mail me !

First, some sites to get free or cheap software: (en français)

24th December 2003: Updated the versions.
26th October 2003:
Updated the versions.
28th September 2003: The list is now reordered into decreasing interest (that is: the more used tools are listed first).
    Free AV
    The best free antivirus ! With daily Internet updates, etc...
    SpamPal 1.53
    Highly recommended: without this tool, I would have to daily remove tons of spams out of my Outlook Express mailbox !
    I use HTMLModify, RegExFilter and URLBody as plugins (Bayesian filtering doesn't work).
    With the Google toolbar, this is the best IE addon ! It allows ads filtering within a mouse-click !
    The new version being not anymore freeware, you can still get the freeware version here, along with 2 block lists: mine (copy it in the installed directory) and a huge one.
    Irfanview 3.85
    The best image viewer/converter, etc... ! Check also XnView for a similar list of image formats.
    I use this tool to visualize pictures, convert between formats and photocopy documents !
    SpyBot Search&Destroy 1.2
    The best privacy software ! Install Spyware Blaster with this marvelous program.
    Kerio Firewall 4.0.10
    I use this one instead of Sygate or ZoneAlarm.
    Winamp 5.01
    WimAmp is my preferred MP3 player. Use the MP3Pro plugin !
    Wscite 1.58
    Scite is the best multi-languages editor (it supports around 50 languages in 300Kb !).
    Very useful for editing small sources.
    HtTrack 3.30
    HtTrack is the best offline browser (it copies websites on your harddisk).
    QuickZip 3.06.1
    QuickZip is the best free clone of Winzip !
    RegSeeker 1.35
    RegSeeker, the best freeware registry cleaner (now that JV16 is not anymore freeware).
    CdEx 1.51
    CdEx, the best MP3 ripper !
    Neutron 1.03
    Neutron is an atomic clock synchronizer in 8 Kb !
    RamPage 1.6
    A tiny memory monitor, which display the amount of available RAM in realtime.
    FreeRamXP Pro 1.40
    A good memory manager (recommend by Jaroslaw Wroblewski).
    Musk Codec Pack v 4.0.2
    The best codec pack !
    Trillian Basic 0.74F
    The best Messenging software !
    AmDeadLink 1.42
    Am-DeadLink checks all your bookmarked URLs, allowing you to clean your favorites easily.
    CacheSentry 1.59
    CacheSentry cleans IE cache safely and fixes some IE cache bugs ! At its first run, it removed 400Mb of files on my computer !
    Homepage of several useful tools: I recommend PageDefrag 2.21, which is small and very useful !
    PovRay 3.5
    PovRay is an excellent raytracer !
    EasyPHP 1.7
    An automatic installer for PHP, MySQL and Apache on Windows systems
    A small tool to load all icons for Internet Explorer (replaces FavOrg which is not accessible anymore)
    Gif Optimizer 2.3
    Trout's GIF optimizer.
    Icon Optimizer
    Icon optimizer.
    Firebird 0.7
    Firebird, simply the best browser !
    XPAntispy 3.72
    Excellent small tool to customize your Windows 2K/XP.
    Net Transport 1.60c.208
    Excellent alternative to Getright.
    FileZilla FTP 2.2.3
    Very good FTP client.


    Pegasus mail.
    FoxMail (mail program)
    DiscLib (disk cataloging program)

Other free antiviruses:
    Visual CD (disk cataloging)

    What a pleasure to play Monkey Island 2 under Windows !
    An impressive Rubik's cube solver.
    A very strong draughts program.
    Very good chess interface. Use Crafty, Ruffian or Yace as free chess engines (also grab the Nalimov endgame tables).
    Very strong Othello program.

    A handy disk cleanup tool (no more freeware)
    Homepage for several wonderful utilities: Dupeless and FavOrg !
Dupeless finds duplicate files, that you can remove. FavOrg caches the icons of your favorites bookmarks.
    RegCleaner, a very good registry cleaner (not anymore freeware).
    Cacheman 5.50
    Cacheman improves the performance of your PC, by tuning your internal cache files.
    Copernic 6.1
    Copernic allows to run a search on several searchsites. Very handy !
    DivX 5.1.1
    DivX, the new media format for playing films.
    GsView 4.5 & GhostScript 8.11
    GhostView, the best PDF/PS file viewer !
    Opera 7.20
    My third browser (when Firebird is too slow).
    Visual Assist
    VisualAssist is the best editor addon for Microsoft Visual C.
    Total Commander 6.01
    Windows Commander (oups, Total Commander now !) is the best Norton Commander Clone for Windows.
    Check also this site for ALL the plugins:
    Excellent download accelerator.

    My preferred site for freewares (sorted by category). I like the scoring system.
    A bigger list of freewares (sorted by category)
    Huge list of freewares (sorted by category and languages)

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