Dungeon Keeper 2 Maps

Dungeon Keeper 2 is my favourite time waster.

20th July 2009: Found a polish forum dedicated to this game : http://www.dk.boo.pl/index.php.
13th April 2009: Googling for DK2Update130to161_English.txt provided me a backup site for older updates:
10th November 2006: If you need the 1.3 to 1.70 update, you can get the english version on my site here !
Note that if you need a version for another language, you should try googling Dk2Update130to170_French or whatever language !
5th November 2006: Since pretty all other sites about DK2 disappeared recently, I can host the files you search. For example, I could host the 1.7 update here or several map generators, if you are interested.
Just send me a mail.
28th May 2006: Two new levels by Bobby: 3on4 and Keeper's keep
16th April 2005: This page is still very visited, so here are some new tricks:
- if you need some tools for editing maps, go here (I didn't test these tools)
- if DK2 hangs on your Windows XP, try to disable the graphic acceleration
If you found new levels, please, send them so that I include them.

19th August 2003:
You can download my collection of levels for Dungeon Keeper 2 here. All of the 133 levels are working with the 1.70 patch, and 34 non working levels are in the folder "buggy levels". You can also find some MAP files in the folder "mapfiles". If you have some levels that are not in this collection, please mail them to me, and I'll include them.

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